Artist Statement 2

I live in the Sonoran Desert of the American Southwest where I was born and raised. I enjoy the chaotic beauty and panorama of its environment. I have experienced the quiet desperate struggle between its harsh topography and desert life. My soul is awakened by this desert. This is the foundation of my origin, a comfort of this desert place that never lets my heart wander off. This is my origin. Whenever I give myself up to my origin, I hear my heart translate an emotion of awareness.

This origin, this physical place, calls to me. It provides me with a point of view to interpret the world and culture I live in, filtered through the lens of my origin. Then my soul directs my heart to release a blueprint for my mind, based on my origin and point of view, sending me into creative mode. My mind is the last tool I use for creativity. Thus my soul sends an ethereal chaos to my heart to awaken my humanity, and then my point of view, influenced by my origin, creates an artistic atmosphere. Atmosphere is the soulful and emotional content of my completed work.

Because atmosphere is born from this path of personal reality, I present a truthfulness and authority in my work. Atmosphere invites the viewer to immerse himself in my work, freeing him to release his heart’s emotion and make a connection with me, the artist, within the painting.