Dan Pfeiffer Gallery

Dan Pfeiffer Gallery

Dan Pfeiffer Gallery, owned by Texas sculptor Dan Pfeiffer, opened in 2013.  Located on the corner of Main and Lincoln in historic Fredericksburg Texas in the heart of  the Texas Hill Country, the gallery occupies a space first used as a butcher shop in 1890. With its antique wood ceiling beams and modern expansive glass windows, Dan Pfeiffer Gallery offers a perfect blend of old and new that is quintessentially Hill Country. The local newspaper, Fredericksburg Standard which profiled the gallery in February 2014, described it as “a modern art showcase”.

With Austin to the east and San Antonio to the south, Fredericksburg is a favorite getaway destination with its charming Main Street filled with unique shops and art galleries, upscale restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and over two hundred bed and breakfasts. Fredericksburg is also the center of the burgeoning Texas Hill Country wine industry, now ranked second only behind Napa Valley as one of the fastest growing wine travel destinations in the U.S. To find out more about visiting Fredericksburg, click here.

Dan Pfeiffer grew up on a rugged ranch in south Texas. With an independent spirit and a love for natural materials, Dan has pursued a life of artistic and creative learning culminating in a unique ability to bring alive the soul of found objects. Dan uses the inspiring palette of nature to create his highly emotional work that includes furniture and bowl turning as well as sculpture. To learn more about Dan, click here. And click here to visit the gallery’s Facebook page.

Dan Pfeiffer Gallery has maintained an ongoing exhibition of Hilario’s work since 2013.

Available Artwork

Winter's Night
66 x 48 Triptych
Acrylic on Canvas
When Two Fires Meet
48 x 36 Diptych
Acrylic on Canvas

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