My Art Is A Conduit

My Art Is A Conduit

My art is a conduit to connect your emotions and feelings to what you are observing. Let me explain, you, the beholder, completes the reason for the art to be art. It is always about the beholder not the artist. My artistic talent is second to the emotional stir that fills your heart when you observe my art. I’m not expecting everyone to accept my work, life isn’t like that. But what I will demand is to dig deep into your emotional locker and find truth to what we might share. Let my art do what it’s meant to do; stir the human connection that we all share.

So don’t start a question without first making it about you. Please don’t ask about my inspiration or what my favorite colors are until you open yourself to this conversation. Am I sounding arrogant?…it doesn’t matter. But think deeper; any conversation isn’t about me or my art, it’s about you.

Hilario working his studio.

You will eventually learn the simpler questions that may never come up while we are sharing an emotional connection. But, the atmosphere of my art will bring to the surface your memories and hidden emotions. Now, this may all seem like nonsense at first, but again, dig deeper. Talk to me through the art and let’s make it about you.

I send out my invitation to all to explore my entire website. Add yourself to the continuing exploration of understanding that you are part of the next question. See you in the word.