How do I authenticate Hilario’s art?

How do I authenticate Hilario’s art?

There are several ways to authenticate Hilario’s original art.

Hilario always signs his work with his actual signature. You’ll find his signature on the back of both his Works on Canvas and his Works on Paper. In addition to his signature, you will find the title of the work and, if it is a multi-piece canvas work, the number of the piece plus the total number of pieces; ie, “Piece 1 of 2”, “Piece 2 of 2”, etc. All this is written in his own hand.

Hilario also places his trademarked “Hilario” logo on all his Works on Canvas. The logo is hand signed by him and is usually on the lower left edge of the artwork, not on its face. However, for some of his very early Works on Canvas, created before 1997, the logo may be on the face of the painting, on the lower right edge, or there may be no logo at all. He has also placed the logo on some but not all of his Works on Paper, usually on the lower right face of the work.

Prints of Hilario’s art may have the work’s title and his full name on the bottom of the print or along one edge. Canvas transfer prints usually do not have this but may have a label on the back of the print. Sometimes there is the name or logo of the print’s publisher. Hilario’s prints are published by Third & Wall Art Group and Winn Devon Art Group.

If you are not certain that you have an artwork of Hilario’s, you can contact him through this website. Please include the title and size of the work. Hilario maintains a complete provenance list of all his art that he has sold.

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