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SOLO SHOW CHICAGO NOVEMBER 2012 There is an apparent line that separates Earth from Sky, when and where they meet becomes an intense story of change and renewal. The point of change is a dynamic demonstration of relationship. Renewal is the continuing regeneration of what can come next, not better or different, but an accumulation….

SOLO SHOW CHICAGO SEPTEMBER 2008: An Interpretation of the Intersection of the Natural World with the Man-Made. Man strives to remake the World as Nature takes it away and replaces it with Beauty. Click here to view images from the Artist’s Reception on September 5, 2008. To inquire about a work from this show, click….

Review by art critic, Kevin Nance.

SOLO SHOW CHICAGO MAY 2006: Primitive Man wondered why the Heavens are so different from the Earth. He seeks the Horizon to walk the Heavens like he walks the Earth… At The Earthline – Where the Heavens join the Earth.

SOLO SHOW CHICAGO JUNE 2005:  Combining the Ethereal with the Physical to form a Single Aspect in a Chaos of Color.