Hilario Reviewed in Visual Art Source

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A review of Hilario’s most recent solo show, Full Circle at Tansey Contemporary is featured on the Editorial page at Visual Art Source. Click here to read review.

The weekly magazine, Santa Fean NOW, has published a profile of Hilario

Hilario is now on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

SmithKlein Gallery, Boulder’s premier fine art gallery, is featuring Hilario’s work

It was twenty years ago on New Year’s Day 1994 when Hilario faced the massive stone monoliths of Monument Valley in Arizona and recognized for the first time his true nature. On that day

Hilario is now on YouTube.

Hilario has granted permission to the production company of the Lifetime Original Series “Drop Dead Diva” to use his artwork on the show’s set. The work featured is

Hilario is the Guest Artist in the June 2013 issue of Phoenix Home & Garden: The Magazine of Southwest Living.

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It Draws Me Up

Recently a client purchased a work that I created in 2009. The client connected so strongly with it that he asked me

For many years now I have been writing and talking about how my art comes through me.  How I am the brush that translates my emotion, thought, and talent onto the canvas. But lately I have come to a new realization that the sophistication and intellect of my art has left me behind; that the….

Sometimes it is hard to decide whether I chose to be an artist or art chose me.  I believe that the ability to go forth into a dedicated life of an artist is a decision that is not always one’s choice. I myself flirted with the notion of being an artist, but never possessed a….

Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine profiles Hilario and his art in the Style Makers feature of the Fall 2010 Arizona edition. Luxe Magazine caters to the sophisticated

A good friend told me that he would have responded to my blogs but “they were too deep”.  I know it’s been a while since I have discussed my work and my feelings but my point of view is sincere.  And, as an artist, I try to make my point of view inspiring and thought….

The other day I was asked how I find my inspiration.  So, even though I talk about this in my book, I told a story. Three brushes were in a can talking to each other on who was the best artist.   One argued that it used the boldest colors, the next shouted “my canvases are….

I have a confession to make… recently I went through artist “block”.  I was shifting from one style to another, but nothing was evolving.  After struggling, I stopped and examined just what was happening.

Newcomers to the Sonoran Desert often lament that there is no season change, that the only difference is a cooler night in the winter. But, if you have lived and loved this desert as much as I have, the subtle changes are monumental.

Today my wife and I attended the 2nd annual American Indian Music Fest held at the Casa Grande National Monument in south central Arizona. The event offered two days of music by incredible flautists

What would you think if I called myself Sir Hilario, King of Art? It would be ridiculous because it means absolutely nothing. So why do some artists throw a name onto a finished piece of art without it belonging to the work?

My art is a conduit to connect your emotions and feelings to what you are observing. Let me explain, you, the beholder, completes the reason for the art to be art. It is always about the beholder not the artist.