Kinishba Ruins

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September 7th Read ››
Kinishba Ruins

In an open meadow at the southern end of the valley carved by the White River in far east central Arizona sits the ruins of Kinishba. This lovely place was home to Pueblo people, distant ancestors of the area’s current residents, the White Mountain Apaches. As early as 800AD people lived here

March 24th Read ››
Hieroglyphics Trail

Hilario makes his home in the foothills of the Superstition Mountains. This is a deliberate choice. The Sonoran Desert that he so loves flourishes here because of the altitude and the little extra rain that falls, caught by the nearby mountain peaks. He calls it a really good day when he can hike the foothills,

January 25th Read ››
Winter Camp

The Four Corners region of the American Southwest is home to the Diné Bikéyah or Navajo Nation. This vast land of more than 26,000 thousand acres covers parts of northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah and northwestern New Mexico. It offers endless inspiration to Hilario. Hilario’s daughter-in-law is Navajo and spent her childhood in this windswept land….

January 11th Read ››
White Canyon Wilderness

Not far from Hilario’s home, in east central Arizona lies the 5800 acre White Canyon Wilderness. This pristine desert of soaring cliffs, secret streams and chalky white rock offers endless renewal and inspiration for Hilario’s vision. A primitive road traverses this remote wilderness. Popular with hikers, rock climbers, horseback riders and back road adventurers the area….

February 1st Read ››
Tonto National Monument

In the high Sonoran Desert, a 700 year old cliff dwelling nestled in rock overlooks Roosevelt Lake in Central Arizona. These ancient structures and the surrounding terrain provide endless inspiration for Hilario. Hilario has visited Tonto Monument many times to sit among the ruins and contemplate the endless horizon, the fragile desert and cliffs, and….

April 1st Read ››
Road To Crown King

Near the peak of the 7,100 foot Bradshaw Mountains in Central Arizona sits the old mining town of Crown King. The road to Crown King was once a route for a narrow gauge railroad. It is now a dusty trail through the Castle Creek Wilderness, passing near Bumble Bee and Bloody Basin in the desert….