On New Year’s Day 1994, Hilario faced the monolithic stone temples of Monument Valley, Arizona and recognized for the first time his true nature. He returned home two days later and began to paint.  As an Arizona native with a rich ethnic heritage consisting of Aztec and German from his maternal side and Yaqui Indian and Austrian from his paternal side, Hilario always identified with the spirit of the American Southwest. This unique identity became evident with his first paintings.

He was drawn to acrylics as his medium and he experimented with color and form. He studied the work of master artists, in particular Gerhard Richter and Dan Namingha, to develop and perfect his technique. Within a year he was selling his work.

Today Hilario’s work is available through a number of galleries including M contemporary in New Orleans, Costello-Child Contemporary in Scottsdale, Tansey Contemporary in Santa Fe, SmithKlein Gallery in Boulder Colorado, and Dan Pfeiffer Gallery in Fredericksburg Texas.

In 2013 Hilario was the Guest Artist in the June issue of Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. In 2010 Hilario was profiled as a Style Maker in the Fall issue of Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine. In May 2009 Hilario opened his first museum exhibition at the West Valley Art Museum (an affiliate of the Phoenix Art Museum) in Surprise, Arizona. In August 2006 his work was reviewed in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Hilario has had fifteen solo shows since 1998; his solo show in October 2001 was featured in the Arts section of the Sunday edition of The Arizona Republic. And, in October 2000, two of his works were selected for the 4th Annual Juried Exhibition by Phoenix’s prestigious ArtLink, Inc.

His work has been acquired for corporate collections such as UBS AG, AllianceBernstein LP, McDonalds Corporation, and DMB, Inc. His work is also in a multitude of private collections worldwide.

Hilario has written and published two books. His first, Chaos On The Canvas – The Art of Hilario, was published in 2009. This book features more than 62 pages of text combined with 35 full color images of Hilario’s work in an oversized lay-flat format. It allows the reader to explore the vision, depth and theory behind some of his most stunning works. His second book, Hilario – Twenty Years An Artist, published in 2014 celebrates the first twenty years of the art of Hilario with 193 full color images of his work. The book also contains his narrative description of how his artistic vision was born and evolved.